How does the home staging process work?
After first contact we make an appointment to meet at the property, often this is within a day. We discuss the job in person and decide on any special requirements you may have. Many of our customers ask for advice with minor redecoration work prior to staging, and we’re happy to provide this service during the first visit. We follow up with a quote that day and will confirm the day and time for staging at that time as well. On the day of staging we arrive with our gear and a truck at the pre-arranged time. Our staff work quickly and your house will be transformed before your eyes. The house will be ready for photos when we leave.

Will the person who does the site visit also be there on the day of staging?
Classic Interiors tries very hard to deliver a personalised service to our customers. We find that it’s far easier for the designer who does the initial visit to also pack and stage the house, and we achieve this with the vast majority of our jobs.

How long does it take to stage a house?
Every property is different. Access and the size are the two most important variables, but on average we allow 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

How long is the standard contract?
Our normal contract is five weeks. If your house sells before the contract is complete we are more than happy to remove the furniture early, but unfortunately there will not be a refund.

What if the house doesn’t sell?
If you don’t sell the house in the five week period and wish to extend then all it takes is a phone call or email and we will happily extend your staging on the weekly basis at a discounted rate.

How does the removal process work?
Again you just need to contact us and request removal. At the pre-arranged time we will arrive and remove all of our gear within a couple of hours. We will tidy up after ourselves.

Does the customer need to take out insurance?
Classic Interiors insures its own furniture, but not your house or your items in your house. Our excess is lower if there is an alarm, so the alarm must be active when the property is vacant.

Does all renovation work have to be finished before staging?
It is much better if all work is complete and the house cleaned before we arrive on site. The staging should be the last thing to be done before the photos are taken and the house is ready for marketing. If you are still working on the house you will be paying for staging when the house isn’t looking its best.

What does it cost?
Not as much as you might think!  We will always quote once we’ve visited the house and had a chance to discuss the entire job along with any extra services you may require.

Do you provide a de-cluttering service?
We’re more than happy to provide advice, and in fact we do this a lot, but we don’t provide the actual de-cluttering service.

Do you stage properties that are being lived in?
As a general rule no we don’t. Our furniture has never been used. There are exceptions to this rule if for example the rooms are not being used at all, but we can discuss these options with you in person. Cleaning charges may apply if furniture and equipment is damaged.

Do you part stage?
Yes we do. Many of our clients choose to leave some of their items in the house. We can help you make these choices.

Do you stage apartments?
Yes. As a rule apartments cost a little more due to the extra time required by the staff to move furniture into and out of the apartment.

Can I see some of your work?
We have a number of photos on our web site and Instagram page displaying recent staged houses. The photo gallery changes regularly. Some links to current houses which are on the market right now can also be sent to you.

Do you stage houses outside Auckland?
Yes we do.  We often travel as far south as Huntly and as far north as Whangaparaoa.  Because of the extra mileage involved (for trucking mainly) we do have to add an additional charge, but it’s quite minimal.

Do you have any other Terms and Conditions the customer should know about?
Yes please use this link to view the Ts & Cs. We also send them out with every quotation. Please familiarise yourself with the Ts & Cs as these outline some important details, especially regarding commitment to the job and insurance.